3D scanning of animals and props

Scanning domestic and farm animals, props.
Exit scanning on location.

More details
Individual adjustment of the 3D scanner
3D scanning
Post-processing and mastering
3D scan quality
High poly 3D modeling
High poly model ~
5 million polygons
Low poly 3D modeling
Low poly model ~
20 thousand polygons
4 - 16K
Photoset for assembling a 3D scan5 000 rub *
3D-scan (RAW)7 500 rub
3D-scan (Post-processing)15 000 rub
Low-poly retopologyindividual cost calculation
Rent a 3D scanner in the studio
Russian Federation, Moscow, Ordzhonikidze street, 11
Exit scanning on location
3D scanning of actors, extras and movie props.
Order 3D scanning of animals and props