General information

twin3d was established in 2013, and over the years, from a small 3D scanning company, it has grown into a leader in the 3D services industry in Russia and CIS. Our customers are leading VFX and gamedev companies. Since 2018, the founder of the studio, Alexei Belokopytov, decided to focus exclusively on creating digital actors, characters and 3D props for VFX and gamedev projects and dynamic creative for digital advertising.


Twin3d Studio performs photogrammetric 3D-scanning.

At the moment, our 3d scanner is equipped with 170 DSLR cameras. It has a special peripheral device that can synchronize images, so all cameras work simultaneously. All settings are based on exceptionally high data quality and special camera viewing angles. After shooting, the photos are transferred to a computer and processed using specialized software.

The software creates a point cloud by locating objects shared by many images and calculating their depth. Then, based on a point cloud, a high-poly model (up to 10 million polygon) and textures (4-16K) are built. Professional studio staff carries out a full cycle of subsequent post-processing of models to create ready-made digital characters for movies, computer games and advertising.

Full body 3D scanning and Facial 3D-scanning
Low-poly retopology and blend shapes
3D scanning props and animals
Exit 3D-scanning on location
3D-modeling of drawings, sketches, photographs
Facial motion capture
Rigging and 3D-animation
Additional services
  • Casting actors
  • Makeup actors
State-of-the-art 3D scanner (photogrammetry of 170 DSLR cameras)
Professional team
High quality 3D models
Discounts on volumes and regular partners
Individual approach
Quality Assurance and Global CG Standards
3D scanning of actors, extras and movie props.
Our partners are leading VFX studios and gamedev companies
FilmDirection FX Visual Effects Studio
MosFilm / МосФильм
GlavKino / ГлавКино
AMedia / Амедиа
1C Games Studios / 1C Entertainment
Online VFX postproduction studio
Amolgama VFX
Feasibility studies for timeline and prices calculation can be sent on our e-mail