Virtual Influencers
Digital ambassadors for brands. Bloggers, models, body coaches, etc.
  • We create photorealistic virtual Influencers via advanced 3D scanning and post-production technologies
  • We provide a full cycle of character creation and digital content production
  • Business advantages
    • Huge opportunities for communication in the digital domain
    • Attraction of young, progressive audiences
    • Multiformat content development becomes easier
    • Reputational risks are excluded
    • Exclusivity
    • Customization
    • Monetization

    Work Cycles

    • Concept development
    • Casting and 3D scanning of real prototypes
    • 3D model creation and styling
    • Scripts development
    • Production and post-production
    What digital influencers become
    • Brand ambassador
    • Blogger or celebrity
    • Musician
    • Trainer
    • Fashion model
    • Game character, NPC
    We have captured the birth of the digital Influencer for you

    Eva Tar is the author's project Twin3D Art Director Anna Babaeva

    We have the expertise and all the necessary resources to implement the most daring ideas

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