Virtual Assistants
Digital consultants, secretaries, managers with celebrity facies
Our pilot case - digital human EVA TAR
This is the author's project of twin3d art director Anna Babaeva.
A full cycle of work was performed:
  • concept development
  • creation of a biography and psychological portrait
  • development of a design concept
  • casting and 3D scanning of real prototypes
  • morphing and styling of a 3D model
  • creating a content plan
  • script development
  • previsualization
  • production and post-production
  • promotion in social networks
What digital influencers become
In the near future, digital influencers and assistants will be able to replace real people in many areas of life:
  • brand ambassador
  • blogger or celebrity
  • assistant
  • clerk
  • consultant
  • trainer, etc.

Digital influencers open up huge opportunities for digital business development and simplify content development.

We have the expertise and all the necessary resources to implement the most daring ideas.