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3D scanning of actors, extras and movie props
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Answers to the most commonly asked questions, if you cant find the answer here please feel free to contact us.
Do you provide re-topology?

Yes we re-topologise models and scans according to your requirements.

Are there any limitations?

Yes there are some technical limitations in terms of what we can and can't scan. Photogrammetry works by finding reference points on the surface of the subject, these include things as small as skin pores and the weave on a t shirt or trousers, if the subject is wearing clothes with very little or no surface detail then they will not scan well. Examples of this would be silk, tight plastic or rubber jump suits, shiny reflective surfaces on shoes, boots of backpacks. There is also an issue with very dark or very light coloured clothing, it can prove difficult to expose for both the skin and a pure black or white shirt whilst still retaining enough detail on the surface for the scan to be a success, these are best substituted for light grey or dark gray.

Can we have the RAW data without clean-up?

Yes this isn't a problem and is quite often a good cost saving option when shooting a lot of FACS scans.

Do we own the right to the scans?

Yes, once the scans are complete and delivered all rights and ownership of the scans belong to the client.

Do you provide casting services?

Yes to an extent, we work closely with local modelling agencies as well as various online agencies and talent sites, if you are looking for someone very specific we can help for a small casting fee.

Do you only scan people?

No, we have scanned everything from trainers to cars, there is nothing we can’t scan.