Creating 3D-scans and models
of humans, animals and game characters
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Welcome to twin3D
  • We specialize in creating 3D-scans and models of humans, animals, props and game characters.
  • We use state-of-the-art human full-body and facial 3D-scanners using the technology of photogrammetry and stereo photometrics. Our 3D-scanners matrix consists of 200 DSLR cameras. Scanning speed 0.01 sec.
This blend of skill and experience makes Twin3D much more than just a technical scanning company.
Industries we serve
Film and Television
Industry leading scanning capabilities for talent, props, and sets. Fully Mobile and on-demand.
Film and Television
Video Games
Bringing the highest degree of realism to AAA titles and assets on a budget to indie projects.
Video Games
AR, VR and MR
For immersive 3D scenes, you need high quality 3D content. We make that process easy.
AR, VR and MR
Artificial Intelligence
3D scanning of people and animals, creating Big Data for machine learning AI in computer vision.
Artificial Intelligence
Digital advertising and media
We develop digital influencers, brand ambassadors and virtual bloggers. Full cycle of work: from creative and biography to animated digital character.
Digital advertising and media
Design and architecture
Creation of 3D models of people, characters, art objects, any complex objects. For designers, architects, sculptors. For projects in the field of Motion Design.
Design and architecture
Our partners are leading VFX studios and gamedev companies
FilmDirection FX Visual Effects Studio
Ziva Dynamics
GlavKino / ГлавКино
AMedia / Амедиа
1C Games Studios / 1C Entertainment
Online VFX postproduction studio
Amolgama VFX
3D scanning of actors, extras and movie props
3D scanning of people, animals and props

Professional 3D scanning of people, animals and props using photogrammetry technology. The best solution for VFX, GameDev, advertising, AR, VR, XR.

  • 200 DSLR cameras in the system;
  • Scanning speed - 0.01 sec;
  • 100% photorealistic.
Facial 3D scanning and morph targets

Scanning facial expressions - emotions and phonemes, for facial animation. Creating blend shapes

External scanning

The optimal solution for medium and large CG projects:

  • Full body 3D scanning of actors and extras
  • Facial 3D scanning
  • 3D scanning of props
Virtual influencers & assistants

We create photorealistic virtual influencers using cutting-edge 3D scanning and post-production technologies.

We provide a full cycle of creating a character and digital content with him.

Answers to the most commonly asked questions, if you cant find the answer here please feel free to contact us.
Do you provide re-topology?

Yes we re-topologise models and scans according to your requirements.

Are there any limitations?

Yes there are some technical limitations in terms of what we can and can't scan. Photogrammetry works by finding reference points on the surface of the subject, these include things as small as skin pores and the weave on a t shirt or trousers, if the subject is wearing clothes with very little or no surface detail then they will not scan well. Examples of this would be silk, tight plastic or rubber jump suits, shiny reflective surfaces on shoes, boots of backpacks. There is also an issue with very dark or very light coloured clothing, it can prove difficult to expose for both the skin and a pure black or white shirt whilst still retaining enough detail on the surface for the scan to be a success, these are best substituted for light grey or dark gray.

Can we have the RAW data without clean-up?

Yes this isn't a problem and is quite often a good cost saving option when shooting a lot of FACS scans.

Do you provide mobile scanning services?

Currently we offer on-site scanning in the locations of countries participating in the ATA system (ATA Carnet). ATA carnet system allows to arrange a transfer of equipment for 1-4 weeks. A structured archive of photographs is provided immediately after scanning, at the location. The cost of one day of the scanner at the location - 3900USD + VAT and shipping costs.

Do we own the right to the scans?

Yes, once the scans are complete and delivered all rights and ownership of the scans belong to the client.

Do you provide casting services?

Yes to an extent, we would closely with local modelling agencies as well as various online agencies and talent sites, if you are looking for someone very specific we can help for a small casting fee.

Do you only scan people?

No, we have scanned everything from trainers to cars, there is nothing we can’t scan.

Where are you located?

Our studio is located in Russian Federation, Moscow, Ordzhonikidze street, 11

Feasibility studies for timeline and prices calculation can be sent on our e-mail