External scanning
The optimal solution for medium and large CG projects.
More details
The best solution for scanning extras and props.
Full body 3d scanning of actors
Facial 3D scanning: emotions and phonemes
3D scanning of props
Customizing 3D scanner for the project’s tasks
The ability to exit 3D-scanning on location
High performance ~ 100 people. in one hour
Unlimited scans
Technical support
Professional scanner operator
Exit 3D-scanning on location
The most convenient rental option, with the ability to scan actors, extras and props in the creative filming process.
  • Minimum rental time - 1 shift

    Moscow and the region:
    from 1 day
    Regions of Russia:
    from 2 days
    Foreign countries:
    from 3 days
  • Transportation of the scanner to the location.
  • Quick scanner setup in place.
  • Technical support and professional scanner operator.
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We have the best competencies and experience in large VFX and gamedev projects
3D scanning of actors, extras and movie props