Full body 3D scanning and 3D Head Scans

Professional full body 3D scanning using photogrammetry technology (200 DSLR cameras in the system). Scan speed 0.01 sec.

The best solution for VFX, GameDev, AR / VR / XR, advertising and design.

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3D scan objects:
Pose A
Pose T
Any static and dynamic poses
Sitting postures
In clothes
Without clothing
We provide the following 3D scanning services:
Creation of RAW photosets for self-assembly of 3D scans
Assembly of raw 3D scans (raw) high poly
Retopology, low poly model
Post processing
3D scans (master)
high poly
Blend Shapes (Morph Targets)
for facial animation
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Additional services
We work with casting agencies and are ready to cast extras and actors
We work with professional make-up artists and are ready to provide the required makeup for actors before scanning.
Dressing room
Dressing room
The studio has a dressing room. There is also the possibility of parking makeup wagons near the studio.
3D scan quality
High poly model ~ <br>5 million polygons
High poly model ~
5 million polygons
Low poly model ~ <br>20 thousand polygons
Low poly model ~
20 thousand polygons
Textures: <br>4 - 16К
4 - 16К
The price list is sent upon request to david@twin3d.pro
Forms of payment
Cashless payment
We accept credit cards
Working process
Full body or facial 3d-scanning
Assembling a high poly 3D model (RAW)
Assembling a high poly 3D model (MASTER)
Low-poly retopology
Full body and facial rigging and animation
3D scanning of actors, extras and movie props
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