What We Did for First LA Airport 3D Display Ads


In September 2022, for the first time, 3D billboards went live at Los Angeles Airport. The advertiser was Hennessy, and the main character was world boxing star Saul Alvarez.


It's funny, but at first we were planning to make a digital double of Alvarez by hand — he wouldn't fly to Moscow to be scanned, would he? But then it turned out that the boxer had already a raw 3D scan. Our task was to process it and create 3D animation.

We spent about 1 month on production with all the improvements. Including:

  • processing of the raw 3D avatar (sculpting, retopology, texture cleaning, etc.) - 5 days
  • about 10 days for grooming (hair and hairstyling).
  • 5 days took 5 days for rigging (skeleton for animation)

The movements were recorded on an Xsens suit from a guest boxer. Given the oversight that he turned out to be left-handed, and Alvarez — right-handed, transferring the animation to a 3D avatar, took 10 days.

And then? Then we saw their work in Los Angeles via YouTube, and the incredible satisfaction from the work done. It's a pity that some cases can't be told about at once.

And we'll have time for 3D advertising for Moscow City someday.

P.s. For the case we would like to thank our partners Hard Feelings.