Meta Avatars Store will Appear by the End of 2022


We believe that the market of digital items and virtual clothes will become mainstream in the future. That is why we treat each piece of news in this area with trepidation, and here is one of them from Meta Connect 2022 event.

So, Meta Avatars Store announced in summer 2021 will be released soon. What is expected:

  • clothes will be available to wear in any virtual reality app;
  • things can be re-sold;
  • the catalog will be permanently replenished;
  • well-known fashion brands, such as Prada and many others, will join catalog replenish.

This is how a virtual clothing store from Meta looks like

They couldn't avoid speaking about 3D avatars for VR at the event. The plan of Meta is to allow every user to have multiple avatars: one for games, another for business, etc.

What else is there to add? We like this concept. Now let's wait for the product release.