Live Photo Sessions of Fashion Models Become a Thing of the Past


Living fashion models can be replaced by avatars, all because AI have learned to draw people of any complexion, race, age and gender in a very realistic way. One such solution is demonstrated by the Amsterdam-based startup La La Land, which was highlighted in a BBC News video last week.

AI generated women

The picture shows AI generated, ready to wear any kind of clothes.

The main advantages of such a product are:
▪️ the cost of live action photo shoots will be reduced by 90%;
▪️ the image of the clothing product gets to the marketplace in an ultra-short time.

LaLaLand.AI considers the potential of the technology to be in the following: neural networks will be able to create images not of a random model, but of the purchaser himself in any garment. Thus, while shopping goes with more advanced information model, people will make a more thoughtful choice.