Is she a virtual Influencer?


South Korea appears to have a virtual Influencer that is indistinguishable from a real person. Video.

You probably heard about the viral case of DeepTomCruise, Tom Cruise's deeppfake. There was a funny case about a 50-year-old Japanese motorcyclist who became a popular beauty with the help of the FaceApp.

Rui Virtual Influencer South Korea

The story goes on!

A new virtual Influencer is becoming popular in South Korea. She has everything natural except her face. "I choose my face based on the preferences of those around me," Rui says.

What are we talking about? Many people don't like themselves: our appearance ties us to many complexes. "I feel much more confident and complete when I'm Rui," says the girl.

To feel complete, she found the funds (!) for an expensive dipfake production (yes, it's expensive, study the DeepTomCruise case).

Now a look into the future.

In the metaverse, will we be satisfied with a 3D avatar with our looks? Of course not. Huge amounts of money will go into improving the shape of our abs, our faces, our eyes "to look like Angelina Jolie."

Our job as a business is to stay ahead of this trend.