Hiring CTO


We at Twin3D develop technologies for creating photorealistic 3D human avatars and digital content production with them.

Movie special effects, game characters, digital celebrities for the metaverse, and virtual influencers are just some of the possible applications of our technologies. We made 3D models of actors for "Galaxy Goalkeeper", "Rescue Alliance" and many other movies and games.

We are looking for a Chief Technology Officer to lead R&D to improve our technology and bring new tools and solutions to our production pipeline.

We expect you to be passionate about 3D/4D technologies, have an impressive background and hard skills in 3D CG and coding, as well as successful experience in building and leading innovative technology teams.

What is to be done:

1. Develop and automate the production pipeline of 3D avatars and content with them.

2. Develop advanced tools for 3D reconstruction of the human face and body (geometry + texture + illumination).

3. Design new HW/SW 3D human scanning solutions with better quality and faster 3D avatars creation speed.

What we expect:

1. Experience in computer graphics (textures, normal maps, rendering, work in Blender/Unreal Engine/Unity/Zbrush, etc.);

2. Strong Python skills; ability to write efficient code (including with GPU acceleration);

3. Working English;

4. Experience in leading development teams

5. Experience in launching technological start-ups as CTO, launching innovative technological products, the presence of well-developed ideas or prototypes in the field of human 3D reconstruction will be an advantage.

What do we offer:

1. Challenging tasks, charged interesting team;

2. Full-time with partial remote at will;

3. Cozy office near Leninsky Prospekt metro station and Gagarin Square (10 min walk) - not far from Neskuchny Garden, Moskva River;

Contacts: write to @twin3d in telegram or alex@twin3d.ru