CG Event 2020

14 December

Last weekend, our CTO Efim Boeru spoke at the CG Event, the largest conference for VFX and Gamedev specialists, which this year was held for the first time in an online format.

Efim is an expert in applied mathematics and machine learning. Before joining Twin3D, I assembled and led R&D teams at Huawei and Bosch from scratch to solve industrial problems with a focus on computer vision.

Efim's talk was about the mathematics of facial scanning. Obtaining a high-quality 3D scan of a person is a very urgent task, but so far it is mainly solved with a large share of manual labor. The introduction of mathematical algorithms and artificial intelligence will enable significant breakthroughs in scanning speed and quality.

Twin3D studio is also actively working in this direction. This year we have created a scanner based on Photometric Stereo. The algorithm is still in the development process, but we hope that in the first quarter of 2021 we will be able to describe the results in detail.

We are confident that in the coming years, 3D scanning of a human face in photorealistic quality will become fully automated.