Twin3d again improved its 3D scanner


Only 4 months have passed since the studio’s scanner was equipped with 20 additional DSLR cameras, the total number of which was 140. The other day, after further improvement work, we increased the number of cameras to 170, thereby further improving the realism of our 3D models.

Thanks to this innovation, our photogrammetric scanning system will be able to produce even higher-quality 3D scans. “Russian cinema is becoming more spectacular, more and more scanning of the main characters is required, and we also receive more and more orders from foreign partners, all this encourages us to constantly improve the quality of scanning, as well as reduce the time of post-processing of models,” said studio founder Alexei Belokopytov.

Twin3d R&D department is constantly working to improve scanning technology. Currently, employees are developing a new technology for scanning facial expressions to obtain the perfect quality textures that are required for 3d models of the first and close-ups.

The updated scanner has become more mobile, which allows Twin3d scanning studio around the world. It only takes a few hours to assemble and install the structure, after which the scanner is completely ready for use.