Twin 3D Studio took part in the art project of Konstantin Khudyakov and Mikhail Zaikin


Twin3D opens up new possibilities for using 3D models. One of them was the first in a series of paintings created by digital artists Mikhail Zaikin and Konstantin Khudyakov.

Konstantin Khudyakov always strives to work with the latest material, whether it be polymer sculpture or computer graphics. His surrealistic 3D paintings were exhibited at the Venice Biennale, as well as in leading museums around the world.

Using three-dimensional modeling, Mikhail Zaikin embodies utopian worlds and surreal architecture in virtual reality. His astounding works harmoniously combine architectural trends of different eras and modern modernist styles.

The art project of these two recognized artists will consist of works combining 3D models of real people in surreal interiors. The partner of the project was Twin3D. The first work has already been published on our website. For privacy reasons, we are posting a version without textures, but we are confident that soon the entire collection will be available for viewing. The creative duet also plans to make similar paintings to order, and Twin 3D will continue to provide on-site scanning services for work as part of the collaboration.